For any enquiries including demo submissions, please use the email form below and send us an email.

If you’re submitting your demo, please include the streaming link to your full record.



Demo Submissions


Do NOT send us download links to your music or mp3s per email! You will waste your time and ours.

Where do I mail the demo to?

Non Serviam Records
de Wierde 2
9901ET Appingedam
The Netherlands

Do you accept unsolicited material?

Yes! As long as you follow our simple guidelines, we will most definitely listen to your stuff.

Do I have to send in a press kit?

It is certainly not necessary, as we are first and foremost interested in the music and perhaps some photos, a minimal bio, and your contact information.

Do you guys listen to everything?

Yes, we listen to everything! It may take some time, but we make an effort to listen to all submissions.

Can I send my package Fed-Ex, DHL, or UPS?

No. We will not sign for unsolicited demos. Send everything regular airmail.

Is it a good idea to call or send an email if I haven’t heard from you about my demo?

No. Please do NOT call or e-mail us to check the status of your demo submission. We get 100's of submissions each week and lack the time and resources to answer each and every submission that we receive. Rest assured, we listen to all submitted material, and if we are interested in your band, you will hear from us.